Getting to Know Me

Greeting Earthlings!  My name is T. Stella Bernard and I am taking a long tradition called Letters of a Nomad into the modern age of blogging. You should get to know me a little before embarking on this trip.

Number one, I am passionate about everything I do!

I am a chef 13 years now and I live to cook. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my gift with others. With that in mind, I became a full time Culinary teacher two years ago with the Art Institutes.  One of the most rewarding and challenging things I do these days.  I have no biological children…but there are a few hundred young people out there that see me as their “responsible adult type leader”.

I spent time in Paris during my cooking years training in Michelin starred restaurants.  This ignited my serious travel bug. Since, I have made trips to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Thailand! I have studied wine, herbology, horticulture and engineering so if you need a quiz partner in the sciences….give me a jingle. Hobbies include gardening, foraging, canning and cycling.

Professionally, I am currently getting my Master of Gastronomy degree at Boston University so I can have a broader impact on my students and on my own life options.  One of the things I aspire to do is write culinary curriculum for my school.

Some of the coolest things I have ever done:

  • Ate a sacred meal with the monks of a temple in Phuket, Thailand.  
  • Met Joel Robuchon. Lived in my van and traveled around the USA for 2 years.  
  • Drank wine with Doug Shaffer at his winery.  
  • Learned to shoot a bow.  
  • Designed and built my own building.  
  • Owned my own soap company.
  • Am learning how to keep bees!

Over the course of this blog you will not only learn about what I am doing, but also about what I have done and where I have been.  You may even get to meet some of my very interesting and talented friends.


10 thoughts on “Getting to Know Me

  1. Stella, How cool at what you do for a living. I love to cook also. Although I do not do it professionally. I cook mostly with my father for the holidays. We do Christmas Eve in an Italian way. We only do the 7 fishes we like. I love FoodTV also. I can watch for hours. Nice work on your blog. Christine Cuddy


    1. Hey Christine! If you like food network….you MIGHT be able to find an episode I was in on French Food at Home with Laura Caulder. I was one the side characters in a special called “The Chateau Dinner” that took place in France. And I will keep you updated…might be another FN appearance in my future.


  2. Hi T. Stella.

    You have a diverse and creative background.

    I look forward to getting to know you as we all embark on a blogging journey.

    Actually, I’m excited to learn how blogging supports the mission of e-commerce.

    Gloria Colon-Buzatu


  3. Hi Stella, very nice to meet you! Indeed, your travels sound like fun. Did you take in culinary training in each of the places you mention? I love Thai food, but the food in Germany left me wondering “do they eat anything but pork?” lol. The steak in Argentina is my favourite… add in that a high-end, 400 gram piece of bife de lomo, a bottle of malbec and sides of freshly baked bread and tomate partido (raw tomato drizzled in olive oil and herbs) will cost about $10 US, and you have this Canadian very happy.
    Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and one can get foods from so many cultures as a result. It’s a blessing in this city. I love Ethiopian food here, the middle-eastern sandwiches, the Greek food, and so much more. When I moved to New Zealand, the first thing I realized was that I was in a land of boring, cheap meat pies and little more… it made me hunger for my home city! 😉
    What’s your favourite food to cook / eat?


  4. Dear T Stella,
    I don’t know much about blogging never have but I’ve been reading “letters” for years.
    Although underneath your accomplishments, you forgot living with a most awesome Australian sugar glider.
    I hope the blog go spectacular look forward to more. And I miss cooking with you as well, with tea.
    Best of luck


  5. Hello Stella,

    After reading your introduction and photo essay of your work, I was blown away! I admire your passion and clearly, amazing cooking skills. I am looking very forward to working with you this class!



  6. Hello Stella!
    I’m hungry after looking at the beautiful pictures of your food. What a talent! Thank you for sharing.
    The title of your blog reminded me of a book I love, “Tales of a Female Nomad”. If you’ve not read it, I highly suggest it.


  7. Hi Stella, great to meet and read about you!
    I have to tell you that I loved the idea of doing a list of the most interesting things you have done.
    and those 2 years in a Van, could a be a great movie!
    Hope to interact more in the next days



  8. Hey,

    I love the layout of your blog. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It must have been so much fun studying cooking. I look forward to working with you in this class.



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